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i feel so lonely. everyone's recovering, not that i'm not happy for them or anything, it's just I'm still here. but this time with no one there to care.

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currently 113.. probably period weight. i just want to be under 110. i need it. just so i know i can do something successfully. so far 100 cal oatmeal and 50 cal coffee. i think i just want to eat fruit the rest of the day. an apple at 4:30 and a banana at 7:00. i can manage that.

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Random Facts
Ten random facts about yourself.

10. I don't like being tan, i use sunblock when i'm in the sun
9. I'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend
8. I'm not judge-mental of others
7. I'm obsessed with counting every calorie
6. I don't have a best friend, although i'd like one
5. I hold onto memories i wish i could forget
4. I sleep with my stuffed animal every night 
3. I've been hospitalized once 
2. I'm independent and can't wait to do everything on my own 
1. Being alone doesn't bother me anymore

Nine things you do every day.

9. Smoke
8. Sleep
7. Think about Ryan
6. Think about what and when i'm going to eat something
5. Wonder about the universe
4. Text
3. Pee
2. Clean my room
1. Do dishes

Eight things that annoy you.

8. The government
7. When people eat sloppily, i.e. - talk while chewing, scarf food down, smacking, slurping
6. Frizzy hair
5. When fat people wear clothes that are too tight
4. People who trash talk and start drama
3. Attention cravers
2. Uniform day

Seven fears / phobias.

7. Dying
6. Getting my toes or fingers jammed or cut
5. Not seeing Ryan again/getting back together
4. Not being able to have children due to my ed
3. Being broke
2. Not having a clue as to a career
1. Ryan getting another girlfriend who is better in all aspects than me

Six songs you’re addicted to.

I can''t even think, there are too too many

Five things you can’t live without.

5. Unlimited text
4. Electric blanket
3. Internet
2. Hair Bleach and Toner
1. Weeed

Four memories you won’t forget.

4. The first time Ryan kissed me.. it was absolutely the most perfect thing ever
3. Being admitted
2. Crying in my mother's arms
1. Hooking up with Grace

Three words you can’t go a day without using.

3. Whatever
2. Huh?
1. Awwweh

Two things you wish you could do.

2. Grow up already
1. Be with Ryan already!

One person you can trust.

1. Jilllll. I love that girl

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 113.8 - finally back down.
gotta be 107 by nov 15. that'd make my birthday perfect.
especially since i plan to wear tight jeans a shirt that comes up to my bellybutton..


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